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Paige Hanson. Harry Spotter is 10-year-old Paige's first book. It is the true story of how she persisted for over four years to finally get her puppy, and how that puppy changed a dad's heart. Harry Spotter was originally conceived to fund Paige's educational expenses. Paige, Amy, and Jon have agreed to give fifty percent of the profits from Harry Spotter to The Out of The Rain Society to fund autism research until August 2010, or the goal of raising one million dollars is reached, whichever occurs first.
Amy Sellers. Amy lives near Orlando, Florida, with her husband, Andrew, and three sons, Asa, Drew, and Sam. In 2002, her middle son, Drew, was diagnosed with autism. Amy met Jon Hanson in 2005 at a Los Angeles book-marketing event, where they decided to collaborate with Paige on Harry Spotter. Amy wrote and illustrated Timothy’s True Colors to support autism research. Amy also illustrated Boomer, the Bengal Cat for Karen Pitchford and Jon Hanson, which will also support The Out of the Rain Society.
Jon Hanson. Jon is Paige's dad and author of Good Debt, Bad Debt (Penguin-Portfolio 2005). Jon lives near Columbus, Ohio, with his wife, Nita, son, A.C., and Paige. Says Jon, "What a great father/daughter project this has been! Commerce, writing, travel, new friends, and philanthropy all rolled into one lesson. Harry Spotter is more than just a peeing puppy and a clever play on words. It is a story of patience, persistence, family, dogs, and love. When Paige showed her handwritten story to me, like most parents, I said, 'That's really good, honey.' Once I met Amy and learned why she wanted to raise money for autism research, I knew Paige and I needed to make ‘Harry’ a real book."
"Harry Spotter is dedicated to children everywhere who want a dog. This is my true story of how a little dog changed my dad's heart."  Paige Hanson

From the Publisher: Harry Spotter will make you smile. Beautifully illustrated by Amy Sellers and written by Paige Hanson, whose original purpose was to earn money to go to the Columbus School for Girls. Paige has always been an avid reader so when she asked her dad what she could do to earn money, not even looking up from his work on Good Debt, Bad Debt, (Penguin 2005) he grumbled, "write a book!" 

Paige and Jon met Amy Sellers and became involved in fundraising for The Out of the Rain Society to fund Autism Research. Amy Sellers and Out of the Rain Society support the mission of University of Central Florida and the Center for Autism and Related Diseases (CARD).  Fifty percent of the proceeds from Harry Spotter will go to the Out of the Rain Society.  This includes online sales and special event fundraisers with other organizations, and corporate sponsors.

Amy Sellers graduated from the University of Southern Florida, with a fine arts degree in 1987. Samples of her work are on display at the University of Central Florida and at several locations throughout the U.S. Amy's son Drew has Asperger's syndrome. Amy donates huge amounts of her time towards fund raising, autism awareness, and her art work. Look for more titles Illustrated by Amy Sellers to be published by through its Read-it-Again Mommy imprint. Boomer the Bengal Cat, should be available in February 2006, it will also benefit autism research.

P.S. Harry Spotter is a library quality stitched hardcover book printed in Grandparent friendly large text (24pt).

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